Safest Betting Markets for Beginner Sports Bettors

Sports betting is a massive industry that has gone through many controversies before achieving today’s success. Although it has not become entirely prosperous because it is not legalized in several countries, the sector is well-known worldwide. Its recognition is why several entrepreneurs and local citizens want to try out their luck for the safest betting markets in the sports betting industry, hoping to win the jackpot price and be financially stable.

There is nothing wrong with trying. However, this type of division requires taking risks also needs a sense of enlightenment regarding its background of a particular gambling amusement and the best set of tactics to win. It is not a simple game but an entertainment where an individual compels and must be ready to take risks.

What is the history of sports betting? How did it start and become triumphant in the long run?

The first sports gambling case started sometime around 800-700 BC (before Christ). It is where the ancient Olympics began by Greeks around the Bronze Age. There is evident proof that wagering happened during the primitive Olympic Tournaments. Sports betting experts and historians believe this information is the earliest gambling record.

The field continued to flourish back in the early 1900s. Horse racing was the one that became popular back then, followed by baseball and football in the 1960s. This time was when the Black Sox Scandal blew up through the masses that became the Major League Baseball game-fixing infamy. Eight members of the Chicago White Sox got accused of throwing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds in return for money from a gambling Mafia led by Arnold Rothstein.

This transgression caused the persistent banning of eight players from White Sox in baseball, the introduction of the post commissioner, and even implementing strict rules regarding the prohibiting of gambling. 

Nonetheless, it does not stop sports betting from happening in the industry, for most people find it more fun and satisfying watching preferred sports players play their favourite game while putting their money at stake.

The industry of sports betting kept up with humanity’s modernization. There are so many options to choose from in wagering. Virtual gambling has become a massive trend that even sportsbooks from Asian countries like online sports betting Malaysia became prevalent not only from local citizens but also to foreigners. 

Along with the flourishment of the sector, so does the advancement of defrauding schemes. It became challenging for novices to know the secure and legit sports gambling site online.

Thus, see the infographic below created and designed by the well-known sportsbook betting Singapore company, 88ProAsia, as they outline the safest betting markets for beginner sports bettors:

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