How to Maintain and Extend the Lifespan of Your Urethane Foam Mattress

A urethane foam mattress offers excellent support and comfort when sleeping. This type of mattress is a wonderful investment if you want better sleep quality, but to preserve its effectiveness, you need to take good care of it.

Your urethane performance mattress is made of different materials from the average bedding. If you need tips on how to maintain a urethane mattress correctly, you’ve come to the right place.

Essential Urethan Mattress Maintenance Tips

1. No Pets and Jumping Kids

While pets are lovely companions that look cute when they sleep on the bed, they might carry unwanted germs, parasites, and bugs that could damage the integrity of your urethane mattress. As much as possible, keep them off the bed to avoid these elements.

Additionally, do not let your kids jump on the mattress. Urethane mattresses may be made to be durable, but the constant up and down motion will not do them any favors.

2. Proper Washing

You should never submerge a urethane mattress in water or place it in a washing machine since the moisture can damage the internal structure and material. To clean your urethane bedding, stick to surface cleaning only.

When cleaning the surface, be careful not to soak the foam so that it doesn’t grow mold or mildew. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents; instead, use diluted mild detergent and dab it lightly with a clean cloth. Sprinkle the surface with baking soda and leave for a few hours or overnight to eliminate foul odors.

3. Protectors

You can further enhance the durability of your mattress by using protectors. Mattress protectors are accessories designed to shield your mattress from moisture, dirt, and other forms of damage.

4. Regular Flipping

Constant use of your urethane mattress will eventually wear it out. Most homeowners use only one side of their mattress for the rest of its useful life, which makes the bedding degrade faster.

To preserve the shape of the urethane mattress, consider flipping it over regularly. Turning it over can prevent sinking, and rotating it head-to-foot will prevent depressions from forming in areas of concentrated pressure.

Invest in High-Quality Mattresses

Investing in top-grade urethane mattresses will minimize the need for regular maintenance and offer you long-lasting bedding that can improve your quality of sleep. Very few companies develop their mattresses with sleep science; explore the unique innovations of AiR by nishikawa and enjoy a whole new world of rest when you purchase our mattresses and pillows.