What is Singapore Pools? | Infographic

Many ask if sports betting is legal in Singapore. The answer is yes; however, the only operator in the country that can offer betting activities is the Singapore Pools, a subsidiary of the Tote Board. It was created to provide a safe, legal, and trusted avenue for citizens and people to gamble.

In 2014, the Ministry of Affairs granted the Singapore Pools permission to be exempted from the Remote Gambling Act, which prohibits online and remote gambling forms. Consequently, in 2016, Singapore Pools was also allowed to offer some online sports betting and lottery services.

Singapore Pools’ sports betting options include football, horse racing, and motor racing. People are free to choose which sporting event they would like to bet on without going to other online casinos to play.

It is important to note that younger bettors are restricted access to Singapore Pools. While it is allowed to bet with them at the age of 18 in person, people under 21 are not granted permission to open an account to place wagers online or on any personal devices.

The game options and the age restriction are some of the leading reasons many bettors prefer foreign bookmakers. Foreign operators also offer attractive Singapore pools sports odds. They also offer significant bonuses and promotions not available in Singapore Pools. Hence, playing with foreign bookies can seem more enjoyable and profitable.

But betting on online casinos and betting sites are technically illegal. While Singapore Pools might be the only domestic betting option available, many foreign bookies continue to accept Singaporean gamblers. Such betting sites also offer Singapore pool current odds.

Moreover, if people were adamant about continuing betting on other online casinos, it is best to do it in private and not announce that they are betting. Additionally, avoid betting with avid seasoned bettors as authorities might be on them. This infographic from CM2Bet discusses more information about Singapore Pools.