3 Key Considerations When Choosing a FRP Manufacturer

We all want to use the best materials for our construction projects. We want resources that last long, withstand harsh environments, and cost us little during transport and installation.

If you are looking for these traits and more, look no further than fibre-reinforced polymers.

While FRP is the ideal material, obtaining it from a reliable manufacturer is still wise to ensure quality. Few sellers offer FRP with unique traits, such as Infracore®, to enhance it.

But how do you determine which manufacturer to get FRPs for your boardwalks? Keep reading to find out.

Product Quality and Performance

When assessing manufacturers, gaining knowledge about the efficiency and quality of their products is paramount. After all, you interact with them, hoping to find the perfect FRP composite materials, so be extra observant.

You can gauge the performance and quality of a manufacturer’s FRP products by examining case studies and references that demonstrate the materials’ durability, reliability, and longevity.

Innovation and Technology

The advent of technology has prompted the construction industry to quickly develop methods and materials capable of catching up with modern trends. 

It doesn’t end with the creation of the FRP; a competent manufacturer can innovate present FRPs to create enhanced versions that other companies don’t offer.

Always choose a manufacturer that invests heavily in product research and innovation to stay at the forefront of FRP technology. They are more likely to offer advanced, efficient, and sustainable solutions for your projects.

For instance, Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (SIS) has developed and trademarked the unique Infracore®Inside Technology, which made delamination – a common FRP problem wherein material layers separate and break – impossible.

Design and Engineering Expertise

Finally, look for a manufacturer who can also answer your design and engineering needs. This is especially important if it is your first time working with fibre-reinforced polymer composites. With their added guidance and advice, you can effectively leverage FRPs in your present and future projects, allowing you to maximise their benefits.

Globally-recognised manufacturers like Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (SIS) can provide you with top-tier design and engineering services from their dedicated and talented team. 

Whether in Australia, Europe, North America, or PR China, Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (SIS) has world-class facilities that can meet your needs. Begin your sustainable construction today by visiting their website.