Infographic | Biggest Sports upsets in History

Watching sports is entertaining because you will witness various players or teams’ capabilities in how they play and many other things they could do within the sports league.

People are always contented if their preferred player or team is consistently winning; they even make bets to gain a profit, which is one of the reasons why the world of sports is actually money is involved.

But betting for your preferred player or team sometimes doesn’t end up quite well. Sometimes they unexpectedly lose to an underdog or a new player on the roster. In this case, sports upsets occur because sports fans and bookmakers are all-in on their bets. After all, they are assured they will win but lose tons of money.

One example of the biggest upset in history is when Buster Douglas won against Mike Tyson. Veteran boxer Mike Tyson is known for being the undisputed heavyweight champion during 1987 – 1990. Mike Tyson has no records of losses since his first step as a professional boxer. Not until 1990, when a challenger named Buster Douglas knocked Tyson out.

HBO analyst even said that Tyson had a huge winning chance to knock out Douglas in the ring within 90 seconds. Still, the unexpected happened, Tyson was knockout by Douglas in the 10th round, leaving a mark for Tyson’s first loss and one of the biggest upsets in the boxing world. Aside from this controversy in the boxing world, if you’re a sports bettor and you want to place your bet so you can get some fortune you wish to, try to watch the Singapore live pool score, and you can put your chances on Singapore pool sports betting, maybe you will find your luck in there. To know more about the biggest upset in sports history, check this infographic by CM2Bet.

Biggest Sports Upsets in History