Why You Should Avoid Too Dark Window Tints on Your Vehicle

Most state laws prohibit too dark window tints. These laws are in place for security reasons. If you’re stopped by a police officer, it is not uncommon for him or her to want to see inside your car, including the contents. The laws also regulate light transmission and reflectance. They differ slightly by window type and state. Using the appropriate window tint for your vehicle will make a big difference in your safety while driving.

While dark window tints may increase your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, they are also a safety risk. They may reduce your visibility and prevent you from making eye contact with pedestrians. In addition, dark window tints prevent police officers from identifying non-seat belt-wearers from a distance. As a result, officers may have to pull over your vehicle to confirm if you’re wearing a seat belt.

Dark window tints may also increase your insurance rate. Dark tints can be difficult to install correctly, and they can peel or look awkward. Whether they’re professionally applied or DIY-ed, it is best to check the overall construction of window tints on your vehicle before you purchase it. If they look awkward or are not professionally applied, you may have options to repair them.

While tinting your window films, always follow the laws regarding vehicle tinting in your state. Too dark window tints will not only limit your vision but will also get you pulled over and fined for violating the law. If this happens to you, Team Acme can help you avoid this costly situation. You can find more information on tint laws on the New York State DMV website.

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