2021 Engagement Ring Trends [Infographic]

Proposing with engagement rings has been a practice for decades. For some, rings are the symbol of everlasting love and a promise of eternity. Engagement rings can be traced back to ancient times, signifying ownership to your beloved. And as time goes by, choosing the right engagement rings became more important when proposing. 

Today, companies offering engagement ring Philippines products incorporate current trends in the market, making it easier for people to choose unique engagement rings for their loved ones. 

Some of the engagement ring designs Philippines collection includes the classic band style. This style has been popular over the last decades with its timeless look. 

It is also not surprising that heirloom-inspired old European engagement ring designs are in today’s generation. Ring shoppers consider family traditions and legacy as they search for the right sparkler and opt for modern love and vintage details that create a beautiful legacy. 

When looking for a more timeless style, another classic design that you can see this year is the two-piece band, which is the most popular today with its usual yet elegant vibe. 

Moreover, whether your engagement ring is on-trend or not, it doesn’t mean that its meaning will fade and change. What’s important is the effort a person can put in choosing the right ring in the most special moment you can have. 

To find other 2021 engagement ring trends, you may click this infographic, from  Adeva Jewellery.