This is it! 13 Types of Musical Instruments of South Sumatra & Their Pictures

Art is one part of human civilization. This includes musical instruments, which cannot be separated from the development of local customs and culture. Like in South Sumatra, which has various kinds of traditional musical instruments in its development.

Curious about what South Sumatra musical instruments are? So, to answer this curiosity, let’s take a look at the following interesting reviews.

Variety of South Sumatra Musical Instruments

1. Tenun

01 Tenun

Because this instrument is often played when the women are weaving, this instrument is also called weaving. To make it yourself, you need a wooden material with a rectangular shape. Then, how to play it is by just striking it.

The center of this instrument has a triangular ornament, which when struck will make a sound. Generally, this instrument is played for local entertainment only.

2. Burdah (Oku Drum)

02 Burdah

Burdah is a kind of drum musical instrument, which is large in size and made of jackfruit wood and animal skin. It is called Gendang Oku, because this drum comes from the Ogan Komering Ulu community or abbreviated as OKU.

Usually, this instrument is mostly played during local traditional ceremonies, as a rhythmic musical instrument. Not only that, sometimes this Burdah is also played as music to accompany a pencak silat performance. How to play it is quite easy, namely by tapping the skin of the membrane with your palm.

3 Genggong

03 Genggong

Genggong is made of metal, wood, or bamboo which can make a sound similar to the sound of a harmonica. In the past, this tool was often used by farmers for entertainment while resting in the fields.

4. Kenong Basemah

04 Kenong Basemah

This musical instrument is generally found in Java in the form of Gamelan. Kenong Basemah has a prominent part in the middle, which is used as a place to be hit.

Well, the tool used to hit Kenong Basemah, is in the form of wood that has been wrapped around with cloth or rubber. Usually, the sound produced is used to emphasize the tone.

5. Terbangan (Rebana)

05 Terbangan

The T Terbang musical instrument from South Sumatra, is a kind of Rebana musical instrument which consists of 4 types, namely Hadrah and 1 jidur or small drum. Generally, this equipment is used in conjunction with the modern violin and chrysanthemum musical instruments. No different from other types of hadrah, T Terbang is also played by being hit.

6. Gambus

06 Gambus

The Gambus musical instrument is categorized as a musical instrument with a melodic flow. Generally, this instrument is played to accompany songs with religious themes. To make it, it takes material from wood and is equipped with 6 strings. Gambus is played by picking.

7. Kulintang (Kolintang)

07 Kulintang

Kulintang is a traditional musical instrument from South Sumatra, which is played with small metal gongs. To play it, it is done by being hit using a special bat.

Until now, Kulintang is still often played by the Komering Tribe, especially when traditional rituals are held or when there are traditional art performances. In other parts of Indonesia, Kulintang has its own names. In Riau, for example, this instrument is called Talempong or Calempong.

8. Biola

08 Biola

This one musical instrument, must have been known by many people, because of its existence that has been able to survive until now. The typical South Sumatra violin is indeed quite similar to the European violin.

Biola usually made from wood and added with some strings, which are played by swiping. The resulting sound, comes out of the 4 strings on the body when, which is rubbed by the strings on a wooden bow. In local customs, the violin is often played to accompany traditional Malay ritual songs.

9. Terompet

09 Terompet

Trumpets are included as traditional and classical musical instruments, which are often used for certain purposes. To play the Trumpet, it can be done by blowing it and it can also be played together with other musical instruments. Trumpets are usually made using stainless.

10. Gong

10 Gong

In the past, Gong was mostly used as a medium of communication between residents. For example, Gong will be beaten when there are special announcements that will be announced to the public.

No different from other types of gong, this musical equipment from South Sumatra is also made of brass. This instrument can be played in a single stage or in combination with other musical instruments. Generally, this Gong is played when there are traditional activities in South Sumatra.

11. Seruling

11 Seruling

Flute musical instrument, made of bamboo, equipped with several holes. To play it, you just need to blow the flute on the blow hole. Meanwhile, to get the right melody, you just need to close the tone holes alternately with your fingers.

The flute game can be done singly or in groups. Usually, the flute is played to accompany the singing of regional songs for traditional ceremonies or other traditional performances.

12. Marawis

12 Marawis

The marawis is a traditional musical instrument that is well-known in various areas where Islam has spread, including South Sumatra. In general, the Marawis games are often performed to accompany Islamic and religious themed songs in religious activities. Marawis made of wood, animal skin, and rope.

13. Kecapi

13 Kecapi

Actually, the Kecapi is not a native musical instrument from South Sumatra. It’s just that, this musical instrument is often used by local residents, so that it becomes an innate culture that is passed on to the next generation.

Lute is made using wood and strings made of thin metal wire. To play it, the strings are simply plucked with your fingers.


That is an interesting review of several South Sumatra musical instruments. How, interesting right? Well, you can also add insight into other traditional cultures written by, such as articles about tari tradisional (traditional dance), traditional weapon, and traditional clothes.

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