4 Typical Features of Omega Personality

When talking about the nature of people in a group, most people only know one characteristic, namely alpha personality. Not many people know that there are actually a variety of roles in a group with its distinguishing traits, including omega personality.

To clarify it, here are some complementary qualities that are often attached to omega person. Keep in mind that these qualities are not inherent, because omega personality does not have to be in all groups.

There is Something “Wrong”

There must be a reason why omega person cannot accept and be accepted socially. In many cases, they are considered to have bad experience when they were in the hierarchy of a group. So, they finally decided to go out and work for themselves. Some of the reasons are:

  • Childhood trauma
  • Fatal social mistake
  • Being “different”
  • Prefer something “socially unacceptable”

Socially Unaccepting

Socially Unaccepting
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Some omega people take a rough road in being alone. They were rejected by various social groups at first, which made them understand that they could not be fit in with the society. This eventually makes them also less like to accept new people.

The difficulty of accepting new people is not only caused by social tiredness, but also due to the assumption that they will not be able to become good role models to Delta people who try to follow them. That’s why they often reject the people who follow them in a cold, harsh way.

Lack of Understanding the Social Situation

Since they rarely or even have never been involved in various social interactions, omega people are also more often “slow” in understanding the social situations, such as accidents, people asking for help, etc. They prefer to be indifferent to things like that.

This can be detrimental to omega people themselves or others. Although it is now a digital era where people can communicate with each other without having to meet face to face, inevitably, you will be involved in social situations that can occur at any time.

Trust Each Other

Trust Each Other
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Well, contrary to popular belief, if they meet with those who have the same characteristics, they will develop temporary mutual interaction. The similarity of these properties acts as a liaison for them to communicate with one another.

The existence of mutual interaction is what causes some omega people prefer to do conventions or associations of fellow people because they assume that these friends are the ones who understand them, not the social world out there.

Take for example, if compared to an animal, they are the “lone wolf”. Wolves are typical of animals that live in groups, in which there are of course alpha, beta and delta hierarchies. However, there must be one wolf that prefers adventure and hunting alone, separated from the group.

Again, the traits mentioned above are not used to categorize and judge people who are more comfortable with their omega personality. The most important thing is a sense of mutual understanding and respect between one role and another.

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