Minimalist TV Stand

TV is now a part of families.

You may have no TV right now, but your family will soon consider getting one for the family room.

And TV usually doesn’t stand alone, since it is not only a thing to entertain your family, but also a decoration for the room, it needs a friend called TV stand. Among so many types of TV stand, will the minimalist TV stand suit your room?

Though they’re called minimalist, the TV stands you’re about to see down here come in five different design options.

Those designs belong to different interior style.

Hope you can find the best one for your family room.

Outstanding Designs of Minimalist TV Stand

1. Floating TV Stand

tv stands

The most minimalist and perfect TV stand especially for tiny room.

This wall mounted TV stand is offering more floor spaces with clean and unobtrusive look.

Many floating stands have shelving and cord concealment that maximizes the minimalist look of the room.

You’re free to place the TV on top of it or mount the TV on the wall for more modern feels.

2. Swivel TV Stand

tv stand decorations

This one is a perfect choice for TV that has no rotating base.

This things allows you to get better visibility because of its rotating platform.

The platform lets you to angle it in any direction.

Now you can enjoy your favorite TV shows from different seats around the TV in your family room.

3. Console TV Stand

the tv stand for bedroom

Console is another famous minimalist TV stand you’ll find in many family rooms.

But this one’s usually placed in bigger rooms that have extra wide floor space.

Most console TV stands have rectangular structure and completed with closed shelving.

Abundant surface of this console stand allows you to place TV and other decorative things on it.

4. Open Shelving TV Stand

design a tv stand

Designed for those who are looking for conserving space furniture that has unobtrusive setup, open shelving TV stand provides open view.

This TV stand has central frame that holds some shelves where you can place your decorations.

The central frame also provides mounting brackets that will hold your television.

If you’re planning to complete your television with some shelving TV stand, ‘meja’ and the other equipment, this one is for you.

5. TV Stand and Audio Towers

a wall tv stand

It is important to chose right style TV for your room family because it will make different nuance.

There will be central stand where you can place your television.

And then there are two tall shelves you must place on both sides of central stand.

You’re free to fill the tall shelves with the audio systems or the other things you want to place in there.

So, can you find any TV stand that suits your lifestyle from five options above? Watch around the room you’re going to place the TV stand.

Recognize the room’s style and pick a TV stand that suits your room in insinyur bangunan.

The TV and its stand are going to be the focal point of the room.

So make sure they match the other elements in the room to relieve your sights.

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