Louis Pasteur as the Pioneer in Microbiology

There are many important figures in biology and Louis Pasteur is one of them. His work and mastery in bacteria and microorganism had created many contributions for current health sciences.

Pasteur was the one who created the method of Pasteurization. Then, he also developed the vaccines and theories of vaccinations. Surely, these all are interesting points to know.

His Early Life

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Pasteur was born in Dole France. He was born on 27 December 1822. His father was Jean-Joseph Pasteur. He was a sergeant major in the Napoleonic Wars.

In his childhood, he was known as average student. He had good skills in painting and drawing, and there was no sign that he could become important figure in microbiology.

However, things started to change when he continued his study. He got his bachelor degree in art. Then, he also obtained the Bachelor of Science in 1842 from Royal College of Besancon. Then, he also received doctorate from Ecole Normale in Paris in 1847.

His Early Career

Once he pursued his doctorate, Louis Pasteur became an assistant of Jean-Baptiste-Andre Dumas. He was a French chemist. After he finished his doctorate, he was chosen as professor of physics. He also taught in University of Strasbourg.

His concern in microbiology and molecular beings started when he made research on tartaric and paratartaric acid. In his experiment, he found the molecular asymmetry. Then, this became one of the foundations of stereochemistry.

In 1854, he was chosen as professor at University of Lille. He focused on science faculty. One of these great researches was when he conducted experiments on the alcoholic fermentation.

Pasteur and Pasteurization

His research on fermentation and microbes was then developed in the process namely Pasteurization. The method was found when he tried to solve the case of contamination.

He found that contamination was caused by microbes. Then, he proposed a simple procedure. He heated the wine to certain heat. This process could kill the microbes and it was when the method was called as pasteurization.

The method was developed to kill microbes in many food products, including milks. Then, he concerned in beer and found the methodology necessary in the industry of brewing.

His Work on Vaccine

Due to his researches and contributions, Louis Pasteur got popularity in France. Then, he continued to make research in microbes and vaccines.

At that time, there was chicken cholera. He made research on the chickens and then he could propose the concept of immunization. The concept and methods were also applied in other disease.

He also found the anthrax bacillus as the cause of anthrax. It was in 1879 when he started this research. Because of this research, he could also create germ theory needed in analyzing diseases.

Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, he got married in 29 May 1849. He married Marie Laurent. He was the daughter of rector in University of Strasbourg.

From the marriage, his family had 5 children. Unfortunately, only two children could survive. Then, the family continued to accompany Pasteur in his career.

In 1868, Pasteur got partial paralysis caused by brain stroke. The condition worsened and he died on 28 September 1895. In 1896, Louis Pasteur’s body was moved to Pasteur Institute.

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