4 Attractive Kitchen Bar Ideas (Unique Dining Experience)

If you are looking for attractive kitchen bar ideas, you can find plenty of them. A bar in the kitchen offers great space to eat or just for sitting and have casual conversation. Here are some of the best ideas for bar that you can place in the kitchen.

Freestanding Kitchen Bar

Freestanding Kitchen Bar
Image Source: stylemotivation.com

Well, one of the most common kitchen bar ideas is by building freestanding kitchen bar. This freestanding style means that the bar is completely separated from the other furniture and cabinetries in the kitchen.

Moreover, the appearance of the bar is almost similar to a kitchen island. However, the bar is accompanied by some high stools as well as by some drawers to store numerous items, including:

  • Tableware
  • Small kitchen utensils
  • Food stocks/ ingredients

This type of bar is perfect for larger size kitchen. The bar can be placed right in the middle of the kitchen and then surrounded by the stools.

Standalone Kitchen Bar

For those who have small kitchen, one of the best small kitchen ideas to consider is having a standalone kitchen bar. This type of bar is completed by wheels so that it can be moved easily around the kitchen. If you do not need it in the kitchen, you can even roll it away to other room.

This type of bar is usually designed to resemble a cart. That is why most of this furniture is completed by wooden tops to bold its rustic look. However, some people do not fancy wood and they use other materials, such as plastic and stones.

The furniture usually has drawers as well to enhance its versatility. This way, it can be used as a bar to have breakfast or other meal as well as being a great storage for kitchen utensils and other stuff.

Butcher Block Top Kitchen Bar

If the bar is not going to be used as the place to eat meal but for a place to prepare foods instead, you can choose butcher block top kitchen bar. This type of bar is like a great working station for those who love to cook.

The surface of the bar is often made out of hardwood. However, if wood is not the kind of material you like, use granite or slate instead for the surface.

Cabinet-Style Kitchen Bar

Cabinet-Style Kitchen Bar
Image Source: shakesisshakes.com

The last idea is by using cabinet-style kitchen bar. This is the perfect kind of bar for those who want a neat-looking kitchen. The bar is a huge base cabinet with smooth surface that can be used for eating or prepping food.

The design is truly convenient for storing many things, including big stuff like cooking pots, pans, and other appliances or tools. This is great for the larger kitchen. Therefore, giving proper space between the bar, stove and cabinet will not be a big problem.

Those are some of the best kitchen bar ideas that you can have in your kitchen. They are all great-looking, highly useful, and aesthetically pleasing for your beloved kitchen.

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