How to write a Preface for a Poem

Are you interested on writing poems? But you get some difficulties on writing every section includes a preface? Worry not, despite it consists of the themes of your poems you’ve to summarize, it can be easy when you have tried and applied our advices we’ve provided down below, yet you can overcome your curiosities about how to write a preface for a poem.

The book of poem needs a preface for several causes, such as discussing the poetry in general, exploring the themes of the poems, or analyzing the poet’s poetry.

Commonly, a preface is created by the poet to tell the readers about the reason why do the poet writing that book and the experience they’ve got while writing it.

How to Write a Preface for a Poem?

Due to the length of the text within the book of poem, poet commonly uses a preface to put ideas about the book they’ve made.

Moreover, a preface is also purposed to give a history or background, writing style, or even genre about the ideas of the book on the face.

Overall, a preface aims to tell anything about the reasons of choosing theme of the poem and the feelings while making and reading it.

1. Make Your Own Creative Process

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If you are the poet and begin to write any poems, make sure you’re not making it too modest.

Try to make your book of poem by using your creative process.

One or two pages is good enough of telling anything about your poem on a face (kata pengantar).

Furthermore, a creative process will be increasing enthusiasm of the readers while reading your poem.

2. Keep Its Secret

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Though a preface is consisting about the idea or theme about your poem, you still have to keep the readers curious.

Try to don’t share any quotes from inside your book to keep it secret, then it will also make the readers become more interested.

3. Put the Acknowledgements


Writing the book of poem may involve many persons that helping you finished it.

So, you can honor the people who helped you editing or writing your poem.

Furthermore, writing a poem may need many resources to helping you finished them, so try to mention any technologies, website, books, or another references to help you finished your book of poems.

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4. Explain the Topic

It needs to be describing that showing the topic of the poems.

You need to tell about the theme or genre of all the poems you’ve written inside the book.

This way will lead the readers keep reading every page of your poems.

Despite it looks so easy to write a preface for a poem, but you still have to pay any attention on creating it.

You may be wondering, how to Write a Preface for a poem correctly? But whatsoever the poetry you’ve made is, make sure you’ve already read all the tips we’ve covered above so you can create an interesting preface on your poem.

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