How to Read Poems

Reading poetry is different from reading texts. Reading poetry must understand pronunciation, pauses and intonation.

Recitation: how to pronounce sound.
Pause: a brief break in speech.
Intonation: the accuracy of presenting high and low tones.
Expressions: facial expressions that show feelings of heart (happy, sad, happy, angry).

Techniques and Ways to Read Poetry

Reading poetry for other people is basically the same as making a poem written, both in audio and visual form. Such reading is called declamation. Declamation will involve elements of readers, listeners, and poems that are read. Readers have a very dominant role in reviving poetry so that listeners can enjoy it. Therefore, in reading there are several things that must be considered, such as utterances, linguistic factors, and non-linguistic factors. By mastering these three factors will facilitate the declaration.

1. pronunciation

Pronunciation is a process or effort to pronounce the sound of a language, be it syllables, words, phrases, or sentences in accordance with the soul and the theme of poetry.

2. Intonation
Intonation is the presentation of high and low poetry rhythms by observing the types of stresses, such as dynamic pressure, tone pressure, and tempo pressure. See the explanation below.

a. Dynamic pressure
Dynamic pressure, namely the pressure on the most important word becomes the essence of the sentence or verse of poetry.

b. Tone pressure
Tone pressure, is low high pressure, feeling excited, happy, angry, sad, upset, upset, and other moods.

c. Tempo pressure
Temporal pressure, namely slow or fast pronunciation of syllables or sentences.

3. Non-linguistic factors

Non-linguistic factors or expressions are divided into several things including attitudes, gestures and gestures, volume, and fluency and speed. See the explanation below.

a. Attitude
Attitude is the key to the success of reading poetry in front of people, therefore it requires the mastery of perfect attitude by the reader. During reading poetry, readers should try to get positive attention from listeners or viewers. The thing to do is a reasonable attitude and calmness to face other people. To be able to master these two things, the reader is required to practice and master the poetry that will be read out carefully so that when appearing will not be nervous and the attitude shown can be perfect.

b. Motion and Mimic
Motion and gesture are important factors in reading poetry in front of many people. The use of gestures in reading poetry can arouse the listener’s passion for listening to the poetry that you are carrying. In addition, the use of mimic that is appropriate to the theme of poetry must also be done well so that it is as if the reader has come to experience and feel what is contained in the poem that is read. Therefore, the reader is required to understand the material of poetry and deepen it in earnest so that the expression can be perfect.

c. Sound Volume

The sound volume used should adjust the place and the estimated number of listeners. If poetry reading is done in an open place, then the volume should be louder and if the poetry reading in the room the volume must adjust the area so that the listener can comfortably listen to the poem you are reading. For poetry presentations there are very many using loudspeakers or mics. So from that poetry reader must also master the technique of using the mic so that the resulting sound is not discordant, not too slow or not too hard.

d. Smoothness and Speed
Fluency and speed greatly influence listeners in enjoying the poetry that is delivered. Both of these things must be carefully observed so that listeners can enjoy the poetry that is read well and the message contained in the poem can also be conveyed. The fluency of poetry reading is closely related to practice, because only with practice will good fluency in reading be obtained. Besides the speed of reading must also be considered, if the speed of reading poetry is too fast, the listener will find it difficult to understand the contents of the poem and if it is too slow it will also make the listener saturated.

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