The Best Way to Select a Diamond

When ladies dream about their best engagement ring, they’re often picturing ring settings – solitaire, trilogy or halo, in a sure kind of metallic. In the case of the diamond itself, most individuals know they need an enormous, high-quality diamond however aren’t assured on the specifics. Right here’s your introduction to all it is advisable to know.

Choose A Form

Spherical Diamonds

When selecting a diamond, step one is often deciding on a form. The spherical form is the most well-liked with over 75% of engagement rings that includes a spherical centre stone. It was the primary fashionable diamond form and has maintained its recognition attributable to its unparalleled brilliance, fireplace and scintillation.

Fancy Shapes

All non-round diamonds are labeled as ‘fancy shapes’. Cushion diamonds might be sq. or rectangular in form with curved corners and smooth, classic aspect patterns. This vintage type has emerged as a well-liked alternative once more in current occasions.

Princess diamonds have a sq. form with sharp angles producing glorious gentle efficiency. Princess diamonds are prized for his or her fashionable, clear traces and gorgeous sparkle.

Emerald and asscher diamonds characteristic an oblong and sq. define respectively, with cropped corners. They’ve fewer aspects than different shapes, emitting a delicate and complex magnificence with larger emphasis on readability moderately than sparkle.

Select a Measurement

Whereas carats can provide a very good indication of dimension, diamonds of the identical weight could have some variation in dimension. If having the most important diamond doable is essential to you, contemplate measurements in addition to carats.

Study Concerning the 4C’s



Regardless of in style perception, though a diamond carat can provide a tough indication of dimension, it’s predominantly an indicator of a diamond’s weight. The worth of a diamond will increase exponentially primarily based on weight and dimension, so all issues being equal, a 2 carat diamond ring could be value greater than two 1 carat diamond rings.

Whether or not you’re in search of a 1.5 carat diamond ring, a three carat diamond ring or a 5 carat diamond ring, don’t overlook to concentrate to the opposite three C’s when selecting your diamond: lower, color and readability.


Like us, every diamond is exclusive, and that features their lower. Though many confuse lower with form, lower refers back to the high quality of a jeweller’s work in creating aspects, gentle refraction, symmetry and general shine in a stone.

If a diamond is lower poorly, it might look barely tough, uneven or asymmetrical and, extra importantly, gained’t mirror as a lot gentle or be as priceless as a skillfully lower diamond. There are various forms of diamond cuts.

Some will naturally create extra sparkle, like an excellent spherical or princess lower, whereas others are lower in longer, stepped planes, to showcase the gorgeous readability of the diamond, like an emerald lower. To seek out one of the best diamond lower, slender our filter to ‘tremendous best’ and alter the worth to fit your funds.

For additional steering, discuss with our diamond lower chart within the hyperlink beneath. Be sure to contemplate extra than simply the lower: the upper the readability, color and carat, the extra priceless the diamond will probably be.


As a diamond kinds, traces of nitrogen typically get caught inside and trigger a slight brown or yellow tinge, affecting its color. Assuming each different diamond high quality indicator is equal, a stone with much less color is extra extremely valued than one with extra color.

At Diamond Trade, we solely carry diamonds inside the highest color grades. Diamond color choice will depend on the setting, and if you’re looking for a rose gold or yellow gold ring, you’ll be able to select a stone barely decrease on the diamond color chart with out it being noticeable, as a result of the color of the metallic makes the diamond seem much less colored.

We suggest selecting a diamond of the very best color you’ll be able to afford with out sacrificing lower, carat or readability.


Every diamond varies in readability, ranging on a scale from flawless to included, and no two are an identical. A diamond’s worth and rarity relies on the variety of inclusions (inside flaws) – the less inclusions, the upper the worth.

In case you are not sure about which diamond readability to decide on, discuss with our diamond readability scale within the hyperlink beneath or a diamond readability chart. Whereas essential, diamond readability is simply one of many 4 C’s, so make sure to contemplate all 4 earlier than you buy.

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