How to analyze poetry?

Often we get assignments to analyze poetry. It seems quite difficult, but actually if you already understand the way then it won’t feel difficult. In order to analyze poetry well, of course you have to know how, right? In this article we will tell you how to analyze correct poetry.


This is the initial way of analyzing poetry. To determine the meaning of poetry, you can do it with the following steps:

Read poetry slowly. You need to read the poem first and feel your feelings for the poem. It would be great if you could feel the emotional connection with the words contained in the poem. The emotional connection can focus the mind on the response that the poet expects from the reader.

Reread the poem and find its literal meaning. By re-reading the poem, you might find the literal meaning of the poem which is the most visible version of the poem and does not refer to poetic devices.

Reread the poem and find its connotative meaning. By reading it again, you can find some key words in the poem and think about the types of connotations that are presented. Maybe you can think of some more appropriate words in the poem.

Find the symbolic meaning of the poem. You can record the figures of speech used and begin to find out their symbolic meanings.
Try to identify the purpose of writing the poem.


Analyze various parts of the poem. Subsequent analysis will help you to find out how the author achieves emotions or achieves his goals, rather than what influences and goals. This means exploring poetic devices, tone of voice, readers and more.

Identify who is speaking, the narrator, and the reader. Even though the speaker is a poet, you should always refer to those who speak as ‘narrators’ in your analysis. Regarding the reader, who is the speaker talking to? Does the reader help determine who the narrator is?
Determine the structure and arrangement of the poem. Does this poem follow a narrative form? Are there ideas grouped together in different parts? Does each stanza have a separate topic, or is there a continuing theme throughout the poem? How are poems physically arranged Determine the poem rhyme scheme.

There are various types of rhyme schemes. Rima is used to provide pleasant musical sound poems. Rima can also be used to deepen meaning, and strengthen the form of poetry. Is there a meaning behind the placement of rhymes? Does rima emphasize certain ideas in poetry?

Poetry analysis in terms of poetic devices. Look for sound devices (alliteration, aconance, etc.), parables (sensory details, talking pictures, etc.), and so on. Think from the side, “What kind of language tools do these authors use? How does the tool help him achieve his goal? ”
Draw a conclusion. What is the theme or purpose of the poem? What tools are used by poets to convey the main themes or ideas of the poem? How does it use it? Write your conclusions in an analytical essay.

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