Galileo Galilei and His Contribution for Physics and Astronomy

Galileo Galilei is the important person in Physics and Astronomy. He made great inventions that became the foundation of current sciences.

There are many legacies made by him. Of course, it is interesting to know some key points of his life journey. These can become valuable information.

Early Life

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 Galileo was born in Pisa, Tuscany. He was born on 15 February 1564. He was the oldest son and his father was Vincenzo Galilei. He was a musician. He was also important person in early development of music.

In early 1570s, his family moved and stayed in Florence. In this town, Galileo studied at monastery school. It was located in Vallombrosa.

Galileo started his interest in mathematics and philosophy. It was different from the profession of his father and it made him upset. However, Galileo stayed with his own decision.

His Education

In 1853, Galileo Galilei studied in University of Pisa. He studied medicine. Although he learned medicine, his intelligence led him to study other subjects, especially physics and mathematics.

When he was in Pisa, he also started to learn about the Aristotelian views. At first, he believed the view and supported it. However, it changed later.

Unfortunately, he could not continue his study due to financial problem. In 1585, he left the university and he did not get his degree.

Galileo and Telescope

One of the most important things about Galileo is regarding the telescope. He developed it and the result of his experiments changed his view toward Aristotelian assumption about the world. In 1609, he knew that a simple telescope was developed by Dutch person.

Without knowing the detail, he developed his own version of telescope. At first, he sold it since it was useful to see the ships from distance. However, he continued it to see the universe.

Once he studied moon, he found that Venus showed same phase as moon. Based on his observation, he knew that Earth was not the center of the earth. This was against the Aristotelian and Church doctrine at that time. He also found the sunspots and it made the doctrine of Aristotle failed.

Books and Legacy

In term of legacy, there are many things that Galileo has found and observed. One of the famous books was Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World System.

The book talks about the discussion between people who believe in Copernicus and person who has different opinion. The book and its dialogues made him convicted as heresy since he supported Copernican theory.

Galileo Galilei also formulated the theories in motion and these are used in current physics. Motion of falling objects, acceleration law of universe, and other theories were developed by him and these created great contribution in modern Physics.

Personal Life

In 1600, he met Marina Gamba. With her, he had three children, Vincenzo, Virginia, and Livia. Although he had three children, he never married Marina since he had worries in financial difficulties.

Because of his discoveries and books that supported the Copernican theory, he was accused as heresy by Church. He had to spend his life in house arrest. However, his books were spread and translated into other languages.

In 1638, he wrote another book and he already became blind. On 8 January 1642, he died. In the end, Church accepted the truth based on science. Even, Pope John Paul II expressed his and Church regret in 1992 toward Galileo Galilei.

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