Stop Guessing: Ways to Know Your Partner’s Ring Size

There are many things to consider before purchasing your partners’ ring. If you are unsure of your partner’s sizing, you can always ask your partner’s friends. If you do not know their sizing, you can use a ring sizer to find out. This tool has slots and numbers for measuring the finger’s size. You can also buy a non-stretchy string that you can wrap around your intended finger.

There are several ways to find out your partner’s ring size. The easiest way is to borrow your partner’s ring. Using a ring sizing gauge is an excellent way to determine the size of your partner’s bling. However, this method will require you to wait until your partner goes to sleep, making the process much more challenging. Here are a few other ways to determine your partner’s sized bling. Before purchasing your partners’ ring, consider the size of both of you. Most people can tell their partner’s size by looking at their rings, but they may not realize it. Before you buy a ring, make sure that your partner is comfortable wearing it. A well-fitting ring should be comfortable and look good on your hand. You can also check the diamond certificate before purchasing the hoop. One method is to wrap a piece of paper or string around your finger. You can make a funny story out of this, and it will be sure to awaken your partner. Another way is to use ring sizing to measure your partner’s ring size. Depending on your partner’s hand size, you may need to adjust the ring sizer accordingly. For this method, you will need to wait until your partner goes to sleep before going to the jeweller.

If you are not sure of your partner’s ring size, you can use a ring sizing guide. There are many types of sizing guides online and in your local jewellery store. There are also many methods to help you find out your partner’s ring size. The ring sizing chart is a great way to determine your partner’s size. It also offers tips and tricks to ensure that you get the perfect fit.

Get to know more about the best ways to know your partners’ ring size and the best place to purchase personalised jewellery as you check out this infographic we have from Charming.

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