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Synthetic Grass vs. Natural Grass

Total Cost of Ownership for natural grass, you could plant seeds, lay sod, or lay artificial turf on top of it at a higher cost. After all, that’s just about all the same thing as using natural grass for a sports field or golf course. Artificial turf can also do what natural grass does (usually better), but it also can do tons of things natural grass can’t. Let’s look at why artificial turf can be so much more expensive than natural grass and, finally, why natural grass is probably not worth the extra cost.

Indeed, most of the cost of installing a natural lawn grass lawn goes for the equipment needed to put it in place. Artificial turf is manufactured from synthetic fibers, and these fibers are not cheap. However, it costs more to manufacture artificial grass than natural grass. However, in many places of the country, especially large cities, hybrid grass is so much cheaper that it is more economical to install natural grass than to use synthetic fibers for the turf.

The other big environmental impact of synthetic grass is pollution. No matter how clean you keep your natural lawn, there is still pollution in the air because of the manufacturing and transport of synthetic grass. This will make your home and your family breathe more heavily of air pollution, causing health problems and other such problems for you and your family. But this pollution is minimal compared to the impact of synthetic grass on the environment.

So, as you can see, the total environmental impact of synthetic grass is minimal compared to natural grass. Synthetic turf maintenance is relatively easy to do yourself, but total upkeep of natural grass is very difficult. Also, if the weather gets tough, you need to hire a professional irrigation company to water your turf correctly. This may be a bit expensive, but not necessarily.

Consider watering requirements first when choosing whether artificial turf or natural grass should be installed in your yard. Since natural grass grows slowly, it may take years to notice a difference in the amount of water the blades will need to be watered every week. This is one of the main reasons most people choose artificial turf because their yard rarely needs to be watered. On the other hand, artificial grass is designed to grow fast, so the blades will have to be watered significantly more often.

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