The Final Flashback – Life is Like Droplets!

There have been these Facebook motion pictures walking around recently, where they reveal you a flashback of your time considering that you joined it.

The Dunya Motion picture

Take a minute to visualize your “Dunya movie.”

You will stand prior to your Designer, as well as you’re enjoying your time in this globe flash before your eyes.

Envision the first moments of your life that you can remember … your best memories, as well as greatest achievements … Just how you affected others in both good as well as poor means … your close friends, as well as exactly how they influenced you … That time when you provided charity without informing any person

Regularly you debated to your parents, shamelessly … the time when you made honest dua for somebody else, and also didn’t tell them … every time you looked twice, however shouldn’t have …

The moment when you wept in petition and repented, yet fell back right into the same wrong again after that … all the skeletal systems in your wardrobe … every grudge you held, just hurting yourself … and also every hr you wasted … every corrupted objective … and also every remorse.

Is this a film you would share with others, like the ones people have been sharing on Facebook? And also if you could return, would certainly you change anything?

Like Beads

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told us that:

This globe, contrasted to the hereafter, is like the declines leftover on your finger after dipping it in the ocean (Sahih Muslim).

The sea is so significant that you can not even see 1% of it while standing at the coast, not to mention count all the drops that make it up; and also it’s still absolutely nothing compared to the immortality, because the ocean finishes someplace, yet the following life will never ever end sholat tahajud.

Nevertheless, we can not completely cover our heads around that concept as human beings, which is why we were provided a metaphor to reflect on.

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This dunya resembles those two or three beads of water on your finger, compared to the huge ocean you dipped it in. That suggests that every moment you thought about while visualizing your “Dunya motion picture” was consisted of in those decreases; the moment we remain in now is included in those drops; and also every minute that you’ll live in your life, even if you live to be a century old, will belong of those couple of drops.

Annually that passes, every tear that you lost, every lure and also struggle you deal with, every tragedy, whatever that you and also I obtain burnt out about, is all consisted of in those small decreases.

So my question is … Is it worth it to grumble about exactly how “every little thing is haram,” as well as exactly how “life’s unfair,” so we can damage some guidelines as well as end up being shackled to our unimportant desires?

Is it worth it to give up the sea, simply to stick on to those two declines?

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