Caffeine Addiction Treatment

Addicted to Caffeine- Treatment to overcome from addiction. Addiction to caffeine is as similar as addiction to any other like drugs, alcohol or nicotine. Caffeine addiction also affects the body. Coffee addiction is also problematic and needed to be overcome. Anything access to your body will be harmful. Addiction of coffee is also a bigRead More

Tips on Where to Put Your Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters (also called demand water heaters) heat water on demand using a powerful gas burner or electric heating element. They don’t need or use a storage tank. This frees up some space in your home and allows you more options of where to install the tankless water heater. Here are some tips. High Water Demand OutletsRead More

Asian Nachos!

That description doesn’t even do it justice honestly. The peanut sauce is the thing that kitten dreams are made of. The flavors of the wontons, sauce and chicken blend so perfectly that you are left wondering how you lived before they were in your mouth. They need to put all of this in the description.Read More

Reverse Prejudice….and blood

I suffered a horrendous wrong the other day……it’s almost too painful to talk about, but I feel in sharing with you all maybe, just maybe this prejudice can be brought to light. It all started as I was going through the routine screening process before donating blood: ….finger pricked to check iron level: Check ….self-Read More

Kitchen Hobs Buying Guide

Kitchen hobs – or cooktops as they are sometimes known – are an integral part of any modern kitchen. They’re widely accepted, relatively simple and modern consumers are given a fantastic choice. We’ll be covering all of them in this kitchen hob buying guide, providing you with all the necessary information for you to makeRead More

Lighter Lasagna Soup

How does one come up with the idea of lasagna soup?  I guess the same way people come up with cheeseburger soup and chicken tortilla soup.  I’m assuming they couldn’t decide whether they wanted a cheeseburger/chicken tortilla or soup.     And that’s the exact predicament I was in last week.  I had bought everythingRead More