Caffeine Addiction Treatment

Addicted to Caffeine- Treatment to overcome from addiction.

Addiction to caffeine is as similar as addiction to any other like drugs, alcohol or nicotine. Caffeine addiction also affects the body. Coffee addiction is also problematic and needed to be overcome. Anything access to your body will be harmful.

Addiction of coffee is also a big addiction and people take it lightly. The excess consumption of coffee can cause headaches, insomnia, and other digestive problems. The consumption of coffee is good till when you don’t face any problem if you do not have your cup of caffeine to give your morning a jumpstart.Some people use it as an Energy Booster. Caffeine is not only available in coffee but it also comes in soft drinks, energy drinks, and teas.

An addiction to caffeine affects differently to the individual person. Health problem arises from the addiction to Caffeine

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Digestion problems
  3. Insomnia
  4. Headache
  5. Blood sugar problem
  6. Kidney Infection
  7. Kidney stone
  8. High Cholesterol
  9. Gout
  10. Immune deficiency.

There is much more deficiency which can be caused by caffeine. When the person think that I am not addicted to caffeine and don’t able to quit it then you must accept that it is your addiction. When you are addicted to something you need the help of the third party to quit it.

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Treatment to overcome caffeine addiction.

Treatment for caffeine addiction is not considered as important as other alcohol treatment. Treating yourself for caffeine addiction

  1. Control the desire: if you are addicted to caffeine than show your efforts and control the desire of caffeine. If you used to drink 10 cups of coffee in a day, then reduce it with 5 cups. This will help you in controlling the desire for caffeine. Don’t stop the intake instantly as it will be stressful and you can face the minor symptoms like a headache, migraine, and low energy.
  2. Try alternate healthy drinks: A sudden stop to the caffeine intake will cause some other symptoms to you which are hard to face, so take an alternate drink whenever you feel to have caffeine. One can use herbal tea, green tea or any other energy drink. Try any herbal beverages which are good for your health.
  3. Make your home and office caffeine free: This also helps in overcoming from caffeine addiction. Replace all the caffeine products from your home and office. One cup coffee is enough for boosting your energy if you think that it is an energy booster. Don’t take it again and again. In offices because of work pressure usually intake of coffee got increased and we don’t even know that how many cups we have taken. When you are at home you feel lazy full day because you don’t get that much coffee what you intake at office premises. This leads to addiction if run for the long term.
  4. Using NLP Addiction: NLP is a Neuro- Lingual program an excellent tool for combating coffee addiction. NLP helps your mind to overcome the barriers and withdrawals and make you free from Caffeine addiction.

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